MedSpace for medical specialists

MedSpace® is the online scheduling application for medical specialists that allows you to effortlessly create your shift schedules. Whether it is full continuously or a regular schedule. For example, the applicable AMS can be managed from multiple locations with multiple subspecialties. The automatic shift scheduler can also handle complex shift configurations, even for large departments. And for your workplace planning there is an automatic activity planner. In addition, the counts are correct and the entry of vacations, refresher courses and shifts is seconds work. All this saves you a lot of time.


The first profit is already that you as an administrator need a minimum of double work. A vacation or refresher course, for example, is requested via the MedSpace application. Just like service preferences. Next, the automatic planners can fill in your schedule largely based on parameters you set in advance. We help you with multiple instructions, a comprehensive manual and web tours This way, you’ll be on the road in no time.


MedSpace is transparent. All department members can easily see how many services they have performed. With well-organized states, clear layout and extensive filters. Of course this does not only apply to the services, but to all activities within the department. For example, the production of the department is easy to visualize. Would you like to give the reception or the emergency department access to the service list? With an extensive system of access levels, you can ensure that they always have access to the ‘up to date’ service list of your department.


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